Node.js vs. Django, Which one is better?



It is an open-source JavaScript environment. Is this your first rodeo with Node.js? Fret not! The syntax of this language facilitates writing scripts for simple applications. The learning curve to build a complete web application might seem steep because you’ll need to understand Node’s architecture, asynchronous programming, and native methods. 

But if you already know JavaScript, it becomes easier to get started with Node.js because of the similar syntax. However, you may find yourself spending more time developing due to the complexities of Node.js itself.


It is runtime environment and thus, works on an event-driven model.


As it gives more flexibility to developers, Nodejs performance is also good. When you have more resources, you can get the job done faster. When it comes to processing, more threads get tasks done more quickly.


Here, the system is less complicated so developers feel free to solve problems here as we do not need to follow some specific path.


With the JavaScript library, developers have various features and tools to use which makes it more flexible than Django.


Although it requires more operating time but it is easy to learn. Thus, it is less cost-effective.


Due to its non-blocking I/O, event-driven architecture, and support for microservices, Node.js builds real-time streaming apps, networked and data-intensive apps.



It is an open-source python-based network. Much like Node.js, Django can be learned quickly. Moreover, if you’re already familiar with Python, this framework will only come naturally to you. However, to work with Django, you’ll need to understand the methods and features that come out-of-the-box and the framework’s MTV architecture. 

The framework follows a strict approach to following them throughout the development. Additionally, it allows you to do more work with less code, saving you a lot of time. Django offers excellent documentation and a community to help you through the hiccups.


It follows the MTV (Model View Template). It helps with handling data.


As there is a built-in house template system, it offers us better performance.


As its path is specified, Django has a complex to use for developers than Nodejs


As Django has built-in security systems, it is less flexible to use DJANGO as we cannot do our customizations for our app.


It’s a fast speed framework and offers more efficiency. Thus, its more cost-effective.


Django has certain restrictions to customize the apps and flexibility, it has an edge to build scalable apps because of its template fragment caching and availability of tools to handle data migrations such as performing heavy lifting of the application.

Security Recommendation

When it comes to security, Django is a clear winner. So, if your web application deals with sensitive information, you know which technology to choose. However, that doesn’t mean Node.js isn’t a safe option. It’s just that you may need to add some extra hours and a little more effort to protect your application. 

When to use NODEJS?

When it comes to more performance time and fast processing. NODEJS is the better option as it works in multi threads thus it utilizes very few CPU cycles. NODEJS send request in multiple threads and does not hold for any request to get response back to run a next thread. So all the requests run in synchronous manner making NODEJS faster than DJANGO.

When to use DJANGO?

When it comes to develop a more secure app, DJANGO is clearly preferable to use because DJANGO comes with its built-in functionalities which make it less customizable but more secure.

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