POS Selling vs. Implementation (Problems with Solutions)

Point of sale (POS) software is one of the leading segments of software industry. It is implemented and in use of retail industry around the Globe. Thousands of software houses & IT companies are working on it and hundreds of POS software has been launched and in usage of people in world. Selling of POS is an art especially when you are selling a technical product to a non-technical market and after selling of POS the implementation of POS also has the significant worth. Many of sales cannot be closed due to immature implementation process.

Here in below lines we will discuss that how can we take the sales of POS software & its implementation side by side. Please note it’s can be guidelines for startups & those old companies which are planning or they have launched their POS in market. Yes, anyone can add more things which are not in this article but I have focused to write those things which are mandatory and all are practically tested by me & my team as per real time experiences which we have faced. According to our successful experiences any one can boost its POS sales and can bring the rapid increase in its revenue and makes its sales process more & more effective.

1. Master Data Management

After successful sales closing meeting the next step is deployment & implementation. To explain my point, I am taking the example of a retail groceries store which is having almost 2000 items in its store/ware house. When your team will go there and successfully deploy the POS on their systems, the next and the main step is to enter the inventory in your software which is much time taking and hectic process if you do not have the master data base. Often the clients are not giving full support to your team as they do not have much time in their running business for this and they say you to please enter the data in POS inventory/stock. Now at this step if you are not prepared or you do not have the master date file of retail groceries store then you are in trouble. For example, if two of your team members works 6 to 8 hours daily on inventory it will take more than 10 days to make error less data base of 2000 items. This long process may make your client panic and may affect your project badly.

So before going to market you must have a master data of all major industries. For this purpose, you must have to make a small data entry department which will refine the data time to time and this data entry department will also support your client at the time of implementation of POS software. 

2. Training Videos

No doubt POS is one of the leading products of software industry and it can be the best-selling product in numbers and make your company a “Brand”. There is another factor side by side which is the training of client and its staff. For this purpose, you have two options, either your team is going at client venue or your client is coming to your office to get training. Yes, I agree that physical interaction is very important but we have to keep in mind that most of the clients in market are non-technical from software perspective and it’s very difficult to understand software in 2, 3 sittings until unless all the flows be practiced again and again till the client will become the expert in use of your POS software. In reality it’s very difficult that your client will visit your office frequently for training and it’s also difficult for you to provide them training again & again at their office physically due to multiple factors. At this stage the best possible solution is the training videos of your software. Once you will deliver the training to your client and after that you will hand over the training videos to your client and told to take guide line from there. It will make your work easy & more efficient. In my upcoming blogs we will discuss the benefits of training videos in detail.

3. Customer Services

No one can deny the importance of customer services department in any industry but in software industry you cannot move forward if you don’t have good customer services department. Your customer services representatives must be sound technically and should have the full knowledge of the product for which they are appointed, so they will understand the inquiry of your client properly and will respond accordingly. I am not saying that they will give online technical support to your client as it’s the duty of your technical support department but they even have sufficient knowledge that they can guide the client online by taking the control of its computer. Believe me, if you have efficient customer services your client will rate your services above excellence. So, it’s mandatory that you must develop your customer services department with skilled resources.

4. H Factor

No need to worry about the term “H Factor”. This is my self-creation that “H” means hardware. To overcome the hardware issues, make your work more & more efficient. Let’s assume that your client has paid you and you are here at client venue along with your deployment team and suddenly found that the hardware of your client is not ready. For example, your POS software runs on windows 10 and the client has the windows 7 in its computer. Now there may be a problem which leads towards further complexities. We can take another example that the client has complete hardware but suddenly you come to know there is no driver of thermal printer installed in computer of client. There may be several issues related to hardware. So, if you want to deploy your POS successfully, you should overcome the “H Factor”. The easy solution is to make a hardware check list and tell to client that he should prepare its hardware according to that check list. Write my words that if you overcome the “H Factor” successfully in start of your project then you will implement your POS successfully.

5. Management Commitment

Yes, you are ready to implement your POS software but the question, is you client also ready to accept the change from manual to digital work. Often the client says it’s simple to manage manually. You must direct your sales team that during their sales presentation they should take care of management commitment from client side regarding implementation of software. If you people take care of this factor from start then client will never say that it’s very difficult to move or etc.

“The purpose of above lines to share my practical knowledge with all of you which will definitely help you. I will appreciate if you people give feed back to me so we can improve more & more. I wish you the happy sales of your products”.

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